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    Horizon CEE’24: Shaping Poland’s Future Amidst Global Challenges

    Horizon CEE’24 will bring together global leaders in business, politics, and science on June 10 at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. This multi-faceted event aims to address Poland’s critical challenges in business, economy, technology, sports, culture, and equality within the EU. The event’s overarching theme centers around strategic discussions on Poland’s developmental trajectory over the coming decades.

    Key Themes and Discussions

    Organizers describe Horizon CEE’24 as a platform where revolutionary ideas intersect, sparking reflections on the future amidst emerging technologies, business volatility, the green revolution, smart cities, cultural evolution, digital transformation, and business equality. Attendees will explore these pressing topics, aiming to foster a collaborative environment for innovation and strategic planning.

    The conference will feature a diverse lineup of speakers, including STRABAG board member Wojciech Trojanowski, President of the Polish Volleyball League Artur Popko, BETFAN CEO Łukasz Łazarewicz, Acting Director of the National Gallery of Art Justyna Szylman, and EMITEL CEO Andrzej J. Kozłowski. Their insights are expected to provide valuable perspectives on the intersection of their respective fields with broader socio-economic trends.

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