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    Huge Success of the Territorial Defense Forces! The Formation Closes the Year with 40,000 Soldiers

    The passing year of 2023 marks the sixth year of the existence of the Territorial Defense Forces (WOT). During this time, much has been achieved, both in terms of training and the development of the formation. The Territorials have become an unquestionable element of Poland’s security system, gaining trust and social support for further actions. The year 2023 concludes with the formation reaching a milestone of 40 thousand volunteer soldiers, as reported by the WOT Command.

    In the past year, the formation not only developed efficiently and increased its personnel potential but also undertook various initiatives, including supporting local communities and engaging in humanitarian activities. WOT soldiers actively trained and collaborated with other security services and agencies for local safety. Additionally, 2023 marked another year of the Territorials’ presence on the eastern border of Poland. It is worth noting that the goals set for 2023 in the WOT Development Plan for the years 2021-2035 have been achieved.

    “The passing year was a time of numerous challenges and intensive work. The soldiers’ commitment to aiding local communities, supporting local government actions, and serving on the eastern border of Poland are just a part of our tasks. My soldiers fulfill their mission 100 percent. All the changes that occurred this year only strengthened our formation and clearly showed that we are heading in the right direction. The expression of this success is the presence of 40 thousand volunteers serving in our ranks. I am proud of my soldiers,” emphasizes Acting Commander of the Territorial Defense Forces Brig. Gen. Krzysztof Stańczyk.

    With the end of 2023, the formation reached 40 thousand volunteer soldiers. Volunteers come from various professions and have different passions. However, they are all united by a common concern for the well-being of the Homeland and the safety of their loved ones.

    In 2023, the Territorial Defense Forces conducted 261 basic and remedial training sessions, over 725 rotational exercises, and 98 fourteen-day integrated exercises. Moreover, the Territorials actively participated in exercises, training, and competitions organized by other branches of the Polish Armed Forces – they took part in events such as Anakonda-23. They also participated and succeeded in initiatives such as Recon Clash, Ranger-Pre-Selection Course, Cambrian Patrol, and Sniper Extreme.

    Once again, in cooperation with the “Łucznik” Radom Arms Factory, the GROTowisko conference was organized. As every year, it gained popularity among military experts and enthusiasts.

    In the Territorial Defense Forces, concepts related to the use of animals’ potential during tasks were also efficiently developed. As part of the K9 Search and Rescue Groups project, a WOT Center for Specialized Training of Search and Rescue Groups is to be established. The equestrian training project in the WOT is also developing dynamically.

    The Territorial Defense Training Center was also active in the past year. The CSTOT organized over 130 editions of courses and training sessions, training over 2.5 thousand people. The center also expanded its international cooperation, as evidenced by the signing of a cooperation agreement with the 129 Regional Training Institute from Springfield (US National Guard Training Center).

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