“I Have a Commitment to Those Who Died for the Homeland”: Kamiński’s Wife Quotes One of His Last Conversations

    “I have a commitment to those people who died, who shed blood for the homeland. Those who fought in the November, January, and Warsaw uprisings,” Mariusz Kamiński told his wife before his unlawful arrest. Barbara Kamińska recounted a moving conversation with her husband that took place before his detention on Telewizja Republika.

    The day was like any other until then, “I didn’t believe they would come for him, but they did,” said Roma Wąsik, the wife of Maciej Wąsik, who was also arrested. She described the current state as “rearranging life without her husband.”

    “They took my husband away. Will he be there for two years? Because he pursued corruption and is innocent? I won’t engage in a debate with lawyers about whether this opinion is right or that one because these are games. Games where, in reality, the audience will decide about life and death,”

    Wąsik assessed on Telewizja Republika.

    Barbara Kamińska, on the other hand, admitted that she had discussed with her husband what might happen. “Under the public pillory, both my husband and Roma’s husband, Maciek Wąsik, have been placed before, more than once. We assumed that different situations might arise,” she said, emphasizing that it’s part of a larger game plan carried out step by step by “individuals associated with the December 13 coalition.”

    Kamińska recounted that when her husband’s parliamentary mandate was revoked, she, “like a true wife,” asked, “Could we finally start living normally? Now you’re going to prison.” She also quoted Mariusz Kamiński’s response.

    "I know, I understand, but sometimes you have to bear that burden..." he replied.
    "But in the name of what?" his spouse inquired.
    "I am accountable to the people for this..."
    "But people won't appreciate that!"

    “I owe it to them, I have an obligation to those people who died, who shed blood for the homeland. Those who fought in the November, January, and Warsaw uprisings (…) Uncles, three uncles who were shot at Gdański Railway Station by the Germans in 1943, during the Warsaw Uprising,”

    Mariusz Kamiński replied, according to his wife’s account.

    One of the mentioned uncles was Kleofas Kamiński, whose biography is listed on the “Powstańcze Biogramy” (Uprising Biographies) website.


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