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    ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Duisburg: Successful Friday for Poland

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    Poland secured a triumphant start at the Canoeing World Championships, clinching three medals on the first day of finals. Maryna Klatt and Helena Wiśniewska stood out, claiming gold in the women’s 200m double kayak. The renowned women’s quadruple kayak team, Karolina Naja, Anna Puławska, Adrianna Kąkol, and Dominika Putto, clinched silver in the 500m race. The day commenced with Oleksii Koliadych’s bronze in the non-Olympic C1 200m event.

    Despite challenging weather, Poland excelled on the third day of the championships. Thunderstorms disrupted the schedule, postponing events. However, Polish athletes shone through. Koliadych secured bronze, followed by Dorota Borowska’s fifth place, a crucial qualification attempt. The “Atomówki” duo, Klatt and Wiśniewska, clinched gold in the 200m, gearing up for the 500m race.

    The women’s quadruple kayak team faced their first defeat this year against New Zealand. After securing their finals spot, the Polish team earned Olympic qualifications for Paris. In contrast, the men’s quadruple kayak team narrowly missed qualification but still progressed to the 500m doubles semifinals.

    The focus now shifts to the 5000m races on Sunday, concluding the championship. The Polish canoeing team displays determination and high hopes for further success in the upcoming races.

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