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    If number of patients from Ukraine increases, medical hub is ready 

    A medical evacuation hub in south-eastern Poland and the patient transport system are prepared to handle any increase in the number of patients from Ukraine, Poland’s health minister said on Wednesday.

    Adam Niedzielski said at a press conference in Jasionka, the location of the Medevac Hub, that he had met with Viktor Liashko, his Ukrainian peer, to agree on the conditions for the evacuation of patients from Ukraine, and for the return to Poland of those who has recovered after being treated in other parts of Europe.

    “I also wanted to say that this infrastructure, this hub, as well as the entire patient transport system is ready for any possible increase in the number of incoming patients. We are prepared because the capacity of this hub is much greater and is not being fully used at the moment,” the health minister said.

    “Both Minister Liashko and I are convinced that this work is being carried out at the highest level and patients from Ukraine can reach their destination in relatively comfortable conditions because I would like to remind you that the idea of this place is that patients who come from different parts of Ukraine will not only be treated in Poland but will also be treated in other European countries,” he said.

    Aircraft leaving Jasionka will take patients to hospitals in other parts of Europe, he added.

    “Today there was a transport of patients who went to both the Netherlands and Norway,” Niedzielski added.


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