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    Indictment Issued Against Doctors in Controversial Polish Abortion Case

    Katowice Prosecutor’s Office has officially filed an indictment against three doctors who were on duty during the tragic death of a pregnant woman in 2021 in Pszczyna, a town in southern Poland.

    The 30-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital after her amniotic fluid broke in the 22nd week of pregnancy, and subsequent examinations revealed defects in the fetus. Shockingly, less than 24 hours after her admission, she succumbed to septic shock. The grieving family squarely placed blame on the medical team, asserting that the doctors failed to terminate the pregnancy, a decision they believe contributed to the woman’s untimely demise.

    Ireneusz Kunert of the Katowice Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the indictment has been brought against the three doctors responsible for the woman’s care. They stand accused of committing a medical error, specifically exposing the patient to an imminent risk of loss of life or severe bodily harm, as well as manslaughter.

    In response to the charges, the defendants have entered pleas of not guilty. Kunert provided insight into the proceedings, stating, “Two of them have provided broad explanations, while the third one consistently refuses to do so.”

    The backdrop of this case is the 2020 Constitutional Tribunal ruling, which outlawed pregnancy terminations for fetal abnormalities, previously one of the few circumstances under which abortion was performed in the country. However, abortions stemming from rape and those deemed life-threatening to the woman remain formally legal.


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