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    Innovative Business Concepts Recognized at EEC Startup Challenge Gala

    Europe’s entrepreneurial landscape celebrated innovation and creativity at the recent 16th European Economic Congress. The EEC Startup Challenge honored daring ventures fostering connections between young businesses and investors.

    Fostering Entrepreneurship: The EEC Startup Challenge

    Since its inception, the European Economic Congress has been instrumental in fostering cross-sectoral relationships and collaborations. This year, the EEC Startup Challenge took center stage, spotlighting groundbreaking startups and their creators. With nearly 200 submissions, 16 finalists emerged, showcasing diverse and disruptive business models.

    Among the laureates, EcoBean clinched the ENVIRONMENT category with its innovative approach to coffee waste, transforming it into valuable resources for various industries. Alpha Powders seized victory in the MODERN ECONOMY segment, revolutionizing 3D printing materials through advanced technologies.

    Empowering Lives: Impactful Ventures

    Petsy, a double winner in CLIENT & LIFESTYLE and the recipient of the Audience Award, introduced Poland’s largest pet care marketplace. Meanwhile, ONYX’s TMS system revolutionizes BUSINESS PROCESSES by optimizing logistics through AI.

    Vivid Mind, honored in HEALTH & BIOTECHNOLOGY, aims to detect dementia early using AI and sound technology. Additionally, earned a special invitation to InCredibles, mentoring innovative Polish startups. The event also introduced CyberMarket, recognizing Elproma for its cybersecurity solutions.

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