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    Insights into Political Sentiments as Poland Approaches Referendum Date 

    As Poland gears up for a significant moment in its political landscape, a recent survey conducted by the Social Changes pollster has shed light on the prevailing sentiments of the Polish populace. The impending referendum, scheduled for October 15, aligns with the general election and presents citizens with four crucial questions. The survey’s findings, published by the website, offer a glimpse into how Poles intend to cast their votes.

    The Social Changes survey, a representative sample of 1,062 individuals taken from across the nation between August 18 and 21, aimed to mirror the upcoming referendum’s questions. The results reveal a resounding inclination among respondents to answer “no” to all four questions.

    The first question, addressing the potential sell-off of state assets to foreign entities and the subsequent relinquishment of control over strategic economic sectors, garnered a significant 87 percent of respondents rejecting the proposal, with the remaining 13 percent in favour.

    On the matter of raising the retirement age, a contentious issue in many countries grappling with aging populations, the poll unveiled that 75 percent of those surveyed opposed the notion, while a quarter of respondents supported the idea of restoring the retirement age to 67 for both men and women.

    The third question revolved around the removal of the border barrier between Poland and Belarus. A substantial 82 percent of participants expressed their intent to keep the border restrictions intact, while 18 percent favored their removal.

    Lastly, the survey delved into the topic of admitting illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, in accordance with the European bureaucracy’s forced relocation mechanism. An overwhelming majority of 82 percent voiced their opposition to such an admission, while the remaining 18 percent stood in favor.


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