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    International Air Show AIR SHOW Radom 2023: “Unconquered in the Skies”

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    Experience the excitement of International Air Show AIR SHOW Radom 2023, themed “Unconquered in the Skies.” Top pilots, diverse aircraft, and dynamic displays await at this remarkable aviation event.

    The International Air Show AIR SHOW Radom 2023 will take place under the theme “Unconquered in the Skies.” On Friday, March 24th, at the Radom Airport (42nd School Aviation Base), Mariusz Błaszczak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense, presented details about the upcoming event.

    “In 5 months, on the last weekend of August, the international air show Air Show 2023 will take place here in Radom. The international air show will be held under the theme ‘Unconquered in the Skies,’ referencing the great success of Polish pilot Captain Stanisław Skarżyński, who set a world record 90 years ago by flying across the South Atlantic from Senegal, Africa, to Brazil, South America,”

    stated Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Błaszczak during a press conference at the 42nd School Aviation Base.

    After a five-year hiatus, the displays will be held on the last weekend of summer, August 26th and 27th, showcasing Poland’s top aviators. The show will feature the best Polish pilots involved in missions such as air policing, humanitarian actions, medical transports, and the “Akcja Serce” organ transportation missions, as well as the acrobatic team “Orlik.” The theme “Unconquered in the Skies” not only commemorates Captain Stanisław Skarżyński’s heroic flight in 1933 but also honors the dedication of today’s Polish soldiers and airmen serving in the Armed Forces.

    Polish aviation plays a vital role in NATO’s security efforts. The event will host representatives from 34 countries, including Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Denmark, and more. The show will feature various aircraft, including the F-16, Saab JAS-39C Gripen, F/A-18C Hornet, Rafale Solo Display, and others. Dynamic displays, including nighttime aerial maneuvers, will captivate aviation enthusiasts. The event will be divided into static and dynamic parts, showcasing a range of aircraft, equipment, and weaponry from the Polish Armed Forces.

    The International Air Show AIR SHOW Radom 2023 promises to be a logistical challenge, ensuring the safety and coordination of personnel, aircraft, and ground equipment. The event’s focus remains on providing a secure and impressive experience for participants and audiences alike.

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