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    International Astronautical Congress

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    The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Baku has concluded, leaving participants with a strong sense of accomplishment and positive feedback. The event featured significant achievements and fruitful collaborations, strengthening the global space industry’s bonds.

    During the congress, significant milestones were reached, including hosting the signatories of the Artemis Accords under Poland’s leadership. Meetings with representatives from national space agencies, institutions, and industry partners took place, fostering future plans. Ten Polish space-sector companies, supported by the Polish Space Agency (POLSA), participated, showcasing their products and engaging in discussions with partners.

    POLSA used the platform to promote the Polish space sector and its activities, contributing to plenary and technical sessions. They emphasized collaboration over competition, highlighting the shared values of large and emerging space nations.

    A working group initiated by Poland engaged in discussions about integrating countries with less experience into major space exploration missions. A meeting of the Artemis Accords signatory countries emphasized peaceful cooperation in lunar and celestial exploration, now boasting 29 signatory countries, with more expected to join.

    The congress facilitated numerous bilateral meetings, including discussions with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Rwanda Space Agency, the Brazilian Space Agency, and several companies, leading to agreements and collaborations. These interactions further solidify global partnerships in the space sector.

    While Poland did not secure the 2026 IAC hosting rights (Turkey will host), POLSA received the “Best Stand Activities” award at IAC 2023, recognizing their exceptional contributions and active engagement.

    The event also showcased the economic potential of the Rzeszów region, one of Eastern Poland’s most dynamic business hubs. Rzeszów is a key player in aviation, information technology, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, and modern business services industries.

    The IAC in Baku served as a platform for fostering international collaborations, celebrating achievements, and advancing the global space industry toward a shared future.

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