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    Investigation Launched into Abuse of Power in Poland’s National Prosecutor Dismissal

    The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has announced the initiation of a probe into potential abuse of power by public officials regarding the dismissal of Poland’s national prosecutor, Dariusz Barski. The investigation was triggered by the Justice Minister and Prosecutor General, Adam Bodnar, who removed Barski from the position on January 12, citing the alleged illegitimacy of Barski’s appointment by the former justice minister under the previous Law and Justice (PiS) government.

    The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw revealed on Tuesday that it had initiated an investigation on January 13 into potential abuse of power by public officials, including the justice minister-prosecutor general. The office alleges that illegal actions were taken to dismiss Barski from his position, and these actions were to the detriment of both public and private interests. The investigation was prompted by a notification from all seven deputy prosecutors general.

    President Andrzej Duda has also entered the fray, filing a request with the Constitutional Tribunal (TK) on January 15. The request seeks clarification on whether the decision to appoint an acting national prosecutor by the prime minister, at the prosecutor general’s request, creates a legal function unknown to applicable law and carries legal consequences. Duda contends that the government’s actions on January 12 were in clear violation of competency and procedure provisions, constituting a breach of the constitution.

    On the same day, the TK intervened by blocking Barski’s removal and suspending the decision to appoint Bilewicz as acting national prosecutor.

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