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    Jewish Historical Institute Completes the Warsaw Ghetto Encyclopedia Project

    The Jewish Historical Institute (ŻIH) has successfully completed a long-term project to develop the “Warsaw Ghetto Encyclopedia,” a virtual compendium detailing the closed Jewish district in Warsaw. This project was funded by the National Program for the Development of Humanities.

    A conference summarizing the project will be held at the Jewish Historical Institute on May 28-29, 2024. Researchers will present their findings on daily life in the ghetto, the (dys)function of ghetto institutions, political activities, and the visual and auditory landscapes of the ghetto. The conference will also feature two debates: one on the current state of knowledge about the Warsaw Ghetto and another on the challenges of creating online historical encyclopedias and lexicons.

    Dr. Maria Ferenc, the project’s originator, and Prof. Andrzej Żbikowski, head of the ŻIH Scientific Department, led the project. Several researchers specializing in different aspects of the Warsaw Ghetto history contributed their expertise and discoveries to the publication.

    The results of the research will be available in a book featuring over 50 selected entries and on a website offering access to over 2200 entries covering problem, institutional, topographical, and personal topics.

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