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    Join the XXXII Economic Forum in Karpacz for an Exclusive Energy Sovereignty Panel

    As the world grapples with energy security challenges in the wake of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Poland stands out as a shining example of a nation that successfully navigated its way towards energy sovereignty. At the upcoming XXXII Economic Forum in Karpacz, distinguished experts will gather to shed light on Poland’s journey away from Russian energy dependency, and you’re invited to be part of this enlightening discussion.

    Event Details:

    Date: September 6, 2023
    Time: 12:35 PM – 1:35 PM
    Location: Hotel Gołębiewski, Room 6.28

    Distinguished participants in the panel include:
    Jeffrey Sonnenfeld - Professor at Yale School of Management
    Marcin Chludziński - CEO of GAZ-SYSTEM
    Panel Discussion: Poland's Energy Sovereignty - A Successful Pivot Away from Russia Amid the Ukrainian Conflict

    Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, renowned for his expertise in management studies and global business, will deliver a keynote speech in this thought-provoking panel discussion. Professor Sonnenfeld will provide invaluable insights into how Poland’s actions have been perceived on the global energy stage. He will revisit Poland’s strategic decision to move away from Russian gas, highlighting how the country avoided the pitfalls faced by some of its European counterparts. Furthermore, he will discuss the significance of global LNG gas supplies and the expansion of this market.

    As a trusted advisor to influential decision-makers, Professor Sonnenfeld will emphasize the role played by personal leadership, global politics, business, financial markets, and society in shaping the energy landscape.

    Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, who holds the position of Professor at Yale School of Management and presides over the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute, is among the world’s most influential business school professors. His extensive research has been published in numerous scholarly articles featured in leading academic journals within the field of management. Moreover, he is a regular contributor and commentator for major media outlets in the United States.

    Participation in this panel discussion is exclusively for attendees of the Economic Forum.

    The partner of the article is GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

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