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    Journalist’s Car at Radio Szczecin Poured with Acid. ‘A Few Months Ago, We All Received Threats’

    Under the headquarters of Radio Szczecin, someone splashed acid on the car of Kamil Nieradka, the head of the news department, announced the editor-in-chief of Radio Szczecin, Tomasz Duklanowski, on the X platform.

    He added that the police are handling the case.

    In a conversation with, Tomasz Duklanowski said that the police are taking statements from Kamil Nieradka, and technicians are already on their way to collect samples from the car. The police will also be checking the surveillance footage. He added that this is not the first attack on the journalist or even the station.

    Previously, the station’s headquarters was vandalized with paint, and we also received threats. A few months ago, we all received threats that they would splash acid on us,” said the editor-in-chief of Radio Szczecin.

    The threats against Radio Szczecin journalists were reported by in March.

    “Anonymous senders do not mince words, stating directly their intention of bloody revenge for exposing the pedophile scandal in the Civic Platform party in West Pomerania. Today, investigators visited the editorial office, where they secured the content of the threats against the journalists.”

    According to our information, all radio station journalists received death threats.

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