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    Kaczynski Asserts Morawiecki Approaches Government Formation Without Desperation

    In the wake of Poland’s October 15 general election, Mateusz Morawiecki, the current prime minister and Law and Justice (PiS) candidate, is navigating the complexities of forming a new government. Despite the party’s victory in parliamentary seats, PiS fell short of a majority, prompting President Andrzej Duda to grant Morawiecki the first opportunity to assemble a coalition.

    Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of PiS, spoke with PAP on Friday, downplaying any sense of desperation in the quest to maintain political control. Kaczynski emphasized that their mission was not desperate but acknowledged the possibility of failing to secure a parliamentary vote of confidence, which he deemed a minor setback in a democratic process.

    The challenge facing PiS lies in the need to form a coalition, as no party has shown willingness to collaborate. Kaczynski refrained from disclosing specific details about potential coalition partners, asserting that negotiations should be conducted confidentially. He emphasized the importance of behind-the-scenes discussions and avoided speculating on the ongoing talks.

    If PiS is unable to form a government and transitions into the opposition, Kaczynski assured that the party would remain “united and organized.” As political maneuvering continues, the future shape of Poland’s government hangs in the balance, with Morawiecki at the center of efforts to secure a stable political alliance.


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