Kaczyński’s Warning: Life-Threatening Crisis for Imprisoned Lawmakers in Poland

    In a press conference titled “Whose Community,” Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of Poland’s Law and Justice Party (PiS), expressed deep concern over the deteriorating conditions faced by two imprisoned lawmakers on a hunger strike. Kaczyński criticized Prosecutor Bodnar for inaction and warned of a potential threat to one lawmaker’s life. He pledged accountability for the alleged illegal actions of the Tusk government once power shifts in Poland.

    Alarming Situation Unveiled

    Kaczyński emphasized the urgency of informing the public about the dire circumstances, accusing Prosecutor Bodnar of negligence. He stressed the need for additional measures to address the situation, expressing fears that it could end tragically. Reports suggest that Mariusz Kamiński, one of the lawmakers, is in critical condition.

    Kaczyński called for increased public awareness, citing numerous initiatives by PiS to counteract the situation. He highlighted the party’s determination to resist and expose what he deemed unacceptable actions by the Tusk government.

    Promised Scrutiny of Power Abuses

    While acknowledging misconduct in the National Prosecutor’s Office, Kaczyński vowed that, upon a change in power, these issues would be thoroughly investigated. However, he emphasized the immediate need to defend the lives of their colleagues.

    The situation in Poland, as outlined by Kaczyński, raises concerns about the safety of imprisoned lawmakers and prompts a call to action against perceived government injustices.


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