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    Kamil Stoch Makes Ski Jumping History with 250 Jumps Beyond 200 Meters

    Following a lacklustre performance at the Vikersund ski jumping event, Kamil Stoch roared back to the forefront at Planica, showcasing his remarkable skills. After Thursday’s rounds, the Polish athlete etched his name in the annals of sports history as the first to achieve 250 jumps exceeding two hundred meters in his career.

    Preceding the Letalnica qualifiers were two training sessions. Stoch’s first leap of the day soared to 215.5 meters, marking his personal best, while his second landed him at a respectable 202 meters. During the qualifiers, he once again surpassed the critical K point at the two-hundred-meter mark, albeit by a mere half meter this time.

    Stoch’s groundbreaking achievement of 250 jumps over two hundred meters is a testament to his unparalleled skill and determination. According to Adam Bucholz of, Stoch surpassed this milestone 129 times in Planica, 59 times in Vikersund, 41 times in Oberstdorf, 19 times in Bad Mitterndorf, and twice in Harrachov. Notably, his longest flight to date occurred on March 25, 2017, at Letalnica, where he soared an impressive 251.5 meters.

    “Kamil Stoch, as the pioneer ski jumper in history, has now completed 250 jumps beyond the two hundred meter mark in his illustrious career! A quarter-thousand flights at 200 meters and beyond!” remarked Adam Bucholz.

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