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    Kickboxing Champion Michał Turyński Triumphs in KSW Debut

    Michał Turyński, a multiple-time world kickboxing champion, made a victorious debut in the mixed martial arts arena at KSW 94. The event, held at Ergo Arena, saw Turyński (1-0) overcome Patryk “Gleba” Tołkaczewski (0-2) in a bout that ended with a unique submission.

    The match began with Tołkaczewski taking an early lead, putting pressure on the debutant and successfully taking him down. However, Turyński withstood the initial onslaught and soon turned the tables. Once back on their feet, Turyński regained control, eventually bringing Tołkaczewski to the ground and securing a forearm choke—mirroring the iconic finish by Przemysław Saleta at KSW 14 in 2010.

    At 37, Turyński is not just any newcomer to the MMA scene. His illustrious career in kickboxing includes numerous national and international titles. He has competed in renowned organizations such as Glory and King of Kings, capturing world championship titles in both WAKO and WKN. His transition into MMA adds a fascinating chapter to his already decorated combat sports journey.

    Meanwhile, Patryk Tołkaczewski, known for his exploits in bare-knuckle fighting, faced his second defeat in the KSW cage. Despite earlier successes in harsher fighting formats, including a victory at the tenth Gromda tournament, Tołkaczewski couldn’t find his rhythm against Turyński.

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