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    King Szczecin Secures First Polish Basketball Title

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    In a stunning turn of events, King Szczecin defied the odds to defeat Śląsk Wrocław 4-2 in the Energa Basket Liga finals, securing their first-ever Polish basketball championship. The decisive final match saw King Szczecin dominate with a commanding 92-72 win in front of their home crowd.

    Despite Śląsk Wrocław initially leading 3-0 in the series, King Szczecin fought back, winning two consecutive games and setting up a thrilling finale. With the advantage of a home-court sixth game, King Szczecin needed just one victory to claim the title.

    King Starts Strong, Sets the Tone

    From the beginning, King Szczecin displayed a focused and determined performance. Led by Zach Cuthberston and Tony Meier, they built an early lead, maintaining it throughout the first quarter to finish ahead.

    In the second quarter, Śląsk Wrocław made a comeback, taking the lead briefly. However, King Szczecin responded with a flurry of points just before halftime, establishing a comfortable 12-point advantage.

    King Dominates Final Quarter, Secures Championship

    The third quarter turned into a fierce battle, with both teams exchanging blows. King Szczecin held their ground, ensuring a draw in this pivotal period.

    In the final minutes, King Szczecin unleashed an unstoppable offensive onslaught, extending their lead to 20 points. Śląsk Wrocław struggled to respond, leading to King Szczecin’s emphatic 92-72 victory and their well-deserved Polish basketball championship.

    King Szczecin’s remarkable journey culminated in a historic triumph, solidifying their status as the new champions of Polish basketball.

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