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    Krakow to be listed in prestigious Michelin Guide

    Krakow is a city with a rich and varied culinary history and is known for its delicious and unique food. From traditional Polish dishes to international cuisine, Krakow has something for everyone.

    It is home to a variety of unique regional specialities, such as oscypek, a smoked cheese made from sheep’s milk, and obwarzanek, a pretzel-like pastry.

    Visitors to Krakow can also find a range of traditional Polish desserts, such as sernik and makowiec, as well as an array of baked goods like paczki and kolaczki.

    Krakow’s cuisine is quintessential for those looking for an authentic experience

    For those looking for a classic Polish experience, Krakow is the perfect place. Traditional dishes such as pierogi, and bigos are staples of Krakow’s cuisine. Pierogi, which are boiled dumplings filled with, f.ex., potatoes, and cheese, are a must-try. 

    Krakow also offers a variety of international cuisine. Restaurants in the city serve dishes from all over the world, such as Italian, Chinese, and Mexican. For those seeking a more local flavour, there are also traditional Polish restaurants that offer regional specialities.

    Krakow is also home to many unique desserts. The city is known for its kremówka, which is a custard pie topped with meringue. Other desserts include makowiec, a poppy seed cake, and szarlotka, an apple cake.

    “Krakow, the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019, has recently been featured in the Michelin Guide. This is due to the city’s historic recipes, high-quality local ingredients, and hospitable atmosphere. These elements all contribute to the magical experience of dining in Krakow’s Main Square, by the Vistula River and in Kazimierz’s alleys. The partnership with the Michelin Guide will raise Krakow’s profile and encourage food lovers to visit,”

    Elżbieta Kantor, the Director of the Tourism Department of the Krakow City Hall, says.

    Krakow has something for everyone

    No matter what type of food you are looking for, Krakow has something for everyone. From traditional Polish dishes to international cuisine, Krakow has a wide variety of delicious and unique food. Whether you’re looking for a classic Polish experience or a taste of something new, Krakow has it all.

    Krakow’s inclusion in an international publication is offering a unique opportunity for catering staff to develop their skills, stay up-to-date with current trends, and satisfy the expectations of guests and inspectors. Catering staff must strive to continually expand their knowledge and perfect their skills to meet the highest standards of taste.

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