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    Kruszyna Police Station: He had no way home, so he stole a bike

    He had no way home, so he stole a bike. Uniformed officers from Kruszyna recover a unicycle worth PLN 4,000 and apprehend the perpetrator of the theft.

    In response to a report of a bicycle theft, officers from the Kruszyna Police Station swiftly identified a suspect. The stolen bike was found concealed in a storage room belonging to the individual in question. Seizing an opportunity during his journey home on foot, the perpetrator decided to commit the theft. The stolen property, valued at PLN 4,000, has been successfully returned to its rightful owner. The suspect now faces the possibility of a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

    Accompanying the article is a photograph of the recovered electric bike.

    Officers from the Kruszyna Police Station have apprehended a suspect involved in the theft of an electric bike worth PLN 4,000. The incident occurred when a resident of Osiecznica municipality was walking back home from Bolesławiec late at night. On his way, he scouted various yards, searching for an opportunity to facilitate his journey and make a quick profit. In one of the rural areas, he stumbled upon an unsecured electric bike left on a property, and without hesitation, he mounted the two-wheeler and rode away.

    Thanks to their diligent investigative work, the officers accurately pinpointed the individual suspected of the crime. During the search of the 34-year-old’s premises, the police discovered the stolen property in a storage area. The recovered items, valued at PLN 5,000, have since been returned to their rightful owner.

    The suspect has already been charged with theft and will now face legal proceedings. If convicted, he may be sentenced to up to 5 years of imprisonment for his offense.

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