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    “Kulisy Manipulacji”: TV Republika’s Flagship Program Exposing Media and Politicians

    “Kulisy Manipulacji” is a popular program broadcast on TV Republika, which has been attracting viewers for years by exposing the manipulative techniques used by the media and politicians. The program airs every Friday at 9:10 PM.

    Watch the last episode of “Kulisy Manipulacji” online:

    Hosted by Katarzyna Gójska-Hejke and Piotr Lisiewicz, the show passionately analyzes mainstream media messages. Each episode focuses on a specific theme, which is meticulously examined for informational manipulation. The hosts not only reveal current falsehoods but also revisit past deceptions that have garnered significant public attention.

    In the latest episode, the main topic was a statement by Donald Tusk in the Sejm, where he accused Law and Justice (PiS) of being an extremely pro-Russian right-wing party. Shortly after this statement, there was an attack on Robert Fico, the Prime Minister of Slovakia. The attacker turned out to be Juraj Cintula, linked to the Russian motorcycle group “Night Wolves.” The program posed the question: is this part of Russia’s tactic in geopolitical games?

    In the newest edition of “Behind the Scenes of Manipulation,” special guest Michał Rachoń joined Katarzyna Gójska and Piotr Lisiewicz to analyze the methods used by Donald Tusk, both past and present, to present himself as Poland’s chief Russophobe. The hosts emphasized that, in reality, Russia was close to Tusk’s heart and interests, with the Russian press often referring to him as “Our man in Warsaw.”

    The program also discussed the extent of Tusk’s involvement in the Russian scenario and who else might be part of the “Russian trolls’ machine.” The analyses and discussions conducted by the “Behind the Scenes of Manipulation” team aim to make viewers aware of the scale and subtleties of manipulation that can influence the public’s perception of reality.

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