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    Latest Food Trends at the Summer Fancy Foods Show in New York

    The Summer Fancy Foods Show in New York City has established itself as the premier venue to discover the next big flavors, dishes, and beverages poised to dominate our menus and, consequently, grocery store shelves soon.

    This year’s culinary trends take a cue from the diet of our caveman ancestors, with fish rising in popularity as a protein source, honey becoming a hit, and game meat enriching charcuterie boards. Organized by the Specialty Food Association, the Summer Fancy Foods Show showcased future menu and retail stars. Over 2,400 companies presented their products, capturing the attention of restaurateurs and food retailers.

    Among the standout products this year were:

    Honey: With increasing emphasis on its health benefits, honey is gaining traction. Green Bee introduced honey soda, while Owl Creek Organics & Natural Flavors showcased honey pastes. Klepper & Klepper utilized honey to flavor licorice.

    Canned Fish: Riding the wave of popularity from TikTok, canned sardine sales have surged. This year, canned fish featured prominently across the show floor, with a broader variety of flavors and more attractive packaging.

    On-the-Go Fish: Exhibitors presented new ways to consume fish on the go, aiming to satisfy consumers’ cravings for convenient, protein-rich meals.

    Enhanced Charcuterie: Like canned fish, charcuterie boards have gained fame through social media, where users flaunt elaborate arrangements of meats, cheeses, and fruits. Exhibitors experimented with flavors beyond traditional pork. Driftless Provisions offered salami made from elk, venison, and bison, while Fossil Farms featured lamb and Wagyu beef.

    Gourmet Snacks: Wine Chips and The Drinks Bakery presented their snacks designed to pair with specific alcoholic beverages, ideal for enjoying with cocktails and wine.

    Whether all these trends will take hold in our supermarkets remains uncertain. However, exhibitors are making significant efforts to establish a presence in the minds of retailers and on our plates. Their new offerings appear highly appetizing, yet a notable portion of consumers is becoming increasingly cautious with their spending. Nevertheless, it’s widely acknowledged that cutting corners on food is challenging.

    The Summer Fancy Foods Show continues to be a bellwether for future food trends, offering a tantalizing glimpse into what might soon grace our kitchens and dining tables.

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