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    Launch of the Second Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program

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    The second edition of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program (SPCP) has been initiated, with Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak, and Swiss Ambassador to Poland, Fabrice Filliez, leading the inauguration conference. The program allocates over 320 million Swiss francs to two key initiatives: Urban Development and Scientific Research & Innovation.

    Strengthening Bilateral Ties:
    Minister Jarosińska-Jedynak emphasized the longstanding collaboration fostered in the previous edition of the Swiss-Polish Program, expressing confidence that its continuation would further fortify the excellent relations between the two nations.

    Program Highlights:
    The new iteration includes the Polish-Swiss Urban Development Program, with a budget of 278.7 million Swiss francs, targeting mid-sized cities facing socio-economic challenges. The Research & Innovation Program, valued at 35 million Swiss francs, aims to enhance the quality of applied research in Poland.

    Impact on Quality of Life:
    Implementing the second round of Swiss Funds in Poland is expected to improve the quality of life for Polish residents and contribute to the continued development and competitiveness of the Polish economy, stated Minister Jarosińska-Jedynak.

    Urban Development Focus:
    The Urban Development Program will finance projects related to environmental protection, public transport, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and migration management.

    Continued Research Collaboration:
    The Research & Innovation Program is a continuation of the research cooperation program with Switzerland from the previous edition (2007–2017). It seeks to enhance the quality of applied research in Poland through strengthened scientific collaboration between Poland and Switzerland.

    Swiss Support Beyond EU Membership:
    Switzerland, though not a member of the European Union, supports the development of several EU countries, including Poland, through a dedicated pool of funds.

    Program Success Story:
    The first edition of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program (2007-2017) concluded with notable success, providing 489 million Swiss francs to Poland. The funds supported 58 significant projects and over 1700 smaller initiatives in areas such as environmental protection, energy innovation, SME activities, transportation infrastructure enhancement, and health prevention.

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