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    Law and Justice Party Rejects Proposal for Retail Sunday

    The proposal for two retail Sundays per month, presented on Thursday by the Poland 2050 project, won’t gain support from the Law and Justice Party.

    Polska 2050 Initiative

    Szymon Hołownia’s Polska 2050 aims to introduce two retail Sundays per month. The party assured it would lobby all coalition members for support, offering double pay for Sunday work.

    Opposition from Law and Justice

    Zbigniew Kuźmiuk from the Law and Justice Party adamantly opposes Hołownia’s retail Sunday initiative. He insists that the matter was resolved with the existing Sunday trading ban.

    The ban on Sunday trading was a flagship reform of the United Right government in 2018. Despite Hołownia’s efforts, Law and Justice remains steadfast in its opposition.

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