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    Leaders of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia Urge Global Support for Ukraine

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    The prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia are calling on the international community to unreservedly support Ukraine in an opinion piece for Foreign Affairs magazine.

    Central European leaders Mateusz Morawicki, Petr Fiala and Eduard Heger recently expressed concern that the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia could have far-reaching consequences for the region. In a joint article published in a bimonthly magazine, the three leaders argued that if Ukraine were to ultimately lose its war with Russia, the rest of Central Europe could be next.

    PMs have warned that any action other than full support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia would be akin to issuing “like issuing an open invitation to all authoritarian lunatics who think that it is OK to invade their neighbours.” They stated that in order to prevent this, Ukraine must be supported until all Russian forces have withdrawn from the country, thus putting an end to the Kremlin’s “revanchism and imperialism.”

    Leaders from three governments recently spoke out against a “frozen conflict” as a viable option, citing Moscow’s history of using this approach to gain time for rebuilding forces and spreading its “imperial ideology.” According to the leaders, the Kremlin has employed this tactic for years.

    PMs declared that the war had strengthened the ties of the transatlantic alliance, with many members now investing in greater defence and deterrence capacity than ever before. This trend of increased investment, the officials said, would continue to be seen at the upcoming Vilnius summit in July.

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