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    Lechia Gdańsk Secures Promotion to Ekstraklasa Amid Financial Challenges

    After a dramatic year in the lower leagues, Lechia Gdańsk has triumphantly clinched their return to Poland’s top football division, the Ekstraklasa. In an intense match, Lechia overcame Wisła Kraków with a score of 4:3, securing their promotion as the first team from the 1st league. The victory in Krakow was critical, concluding with a season tally of 65 points, leaving them comfortably ahead of their closest competitors, GKS Katowice, by nine points with just two rounds to go.

    However, Lechia’s celebration is tinged with concern as they face compliance issues. The Polish Football Association (PZPN) has yet to grant them a license for playing in the Ekstraklasa next season, citing non-fulfillment of specific financial obligations. These include alleged defaults on payments to employees, social security, tax authorities, and outstanding legal judgments.

    In response, the club reported that they have completed all the necessary financial settlements required by the PZPN on Friday afternoon. This move should ideally clear the way for their licensing, though potential sanctions may still loom over the club due to the delays.

    This promotion marks a significant turnaround for Lechia, demonstrating both the team’s on-field success and the complexities of football management off the field. As the club prepares for their return to the top flight, the resolution of these licensing issues will be crucial for their future stability and success in the Ekstraklasa.

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