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    Legendary Coach Henryk Kasperczak’s Insights: Polish Football in Crisis

    In an exclusive interview with, veteran coach Henryk Kasperczak reflects on Poland’s recent victory over Estonia in the Euro 2024 playoff semi-final. While acknowledging the win, he warns of a longstanding crisis plaguing Polish football.

    Kasperczak credits the team’s victory but stresses the need for perspective, pointing out the chronic issues afflicting Polish football for years. He believes only qualification for Euro 2024 can offer a lifeline out of the chaos.

    Regarding standout players, Kasperczak highlights Nicola Zalewski and Jakub Piotrowski but underlines the importance of collective performance over individual brilliance.

    Looking ahead to the crucial clash with Wales, Kasperczak urges optimism but expresses concerns over Robert Lewandowski’s form and key injuries.

    The coach is candid about the consequences of failing to qualify, emphasizing the need for a reality check within Polish football. He questions the wisdom of frequent coaching changes and calls for constructive criticism rather than negativity.

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