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    Lengthy Delays for Trucks Exiting Poland to Ukraine Amidst Protest

    Truck drivers seeking entry into Ukraine from the Dorohusk and Hrebenne border crossings in southeastern Poland are facing extensive delays, with queues stretching up to 25 kilometers.

    The prolonged queue is a consequence of a blockade initiated by Polish truck drivers at the Dorohusk and Hrebenne border crossings, protesting what they perceive as unfair competition from Ukrainian road haulage firms.

    Ewa Czyz, a spokesperson for the Chelm police, reported to PAP on Wednesday that the line of trucks at the Dorohusk border crossing extends to the locality of Stolpie, approximately 23 kilometers from Dorohusk. The queue, consisting of around 1,100 trucks, has slightly diminished in length, but the average waiting time remains at 335 hours. Fortunately, the protest has been peaceful, with no reported incidents.

    At the Hrebenne border crossing, trucks are experiencing a wait of around 120 hours, with roughly 530 heavy-goods vehicles forming the queue, as stated by a spokesperson for the Tomaszow Lubelski police on Wednesday. The line of trucks waiting at the Hrebenne border crossing reaches the locality of Dabrowa Tomaszowska, approximately 25 kilometers from the frontier.

    The protest, initiated by Polish truckers last week, revolves around their demands for the implementation of commercial permits for Ukrainian companies transporting goods, excluding those involved in humanitarian aid and military equipment transport. Additionally, they are calling for the suspension of operating permits for companies established after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.



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