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    Local Polish Company to Manufacture Components for Patriot Radar System

    Poland has entered into an offset agreement that will bolster its defense capabilities significantly. The country’s defense minister, Mariusz Błaszczak, announced this crucial partnership on Thursday, during the inauguration of a state-of-the-art production and service center located near Warsaw, owned by the Polish defense conglomerate PGZ. As part of this agreement, local defense contractor PIT-RADWAR, a subsidiary of PGZ, will manufacture essential components of the cutting-edge radar system for the renowned US-made Patriot air defense system.

    “I am delighted to confirm the signing of an offset agreement, enabling PIT-RADWAR to produce elements of the 360-degree radar – the most advanced radar technology. These radars will equip the Patriot system both in the United States and here in Poland,” Minister Błaszczak announced, emphasizing the pivotal role of this collaboration in shaping the nation’s defense landscape.

    Minister Błaszczak expressed his enthusiasm about the future prospects, stating, “This production initiative signifies the future of our facility. PIT-RADWAR will not only be involved in manufacturing radars for the Patriot system but also for the Polish short-range air defense (PAP) Narew system. These products are of exceptional quality, and this investment will substantially boost PIT-RADWAR’s production capacity, tripling its current capabilities.”

    This strategic move comes in the wake of Poland’s efforts to enhance its air defense capabilities. The country has recently acquired multiple Patriot anti-missile batteries from the United States, marking a significant step towards fortifying its defense infrastructure. The offset agreement with PIT-RADWAR signifies Poland’s commitment to fostering local expertise and contributing to global defense technologies.

    This collaboration is expected to not only strengthen Poland’s defense capabilities but also foster innovation and local manufacturing expertise.


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