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    ‘Lost/Regained’ outdoor exhibition in Warsaw

    Discover the stories behind invaluable artworks lost during WWII and recently recovered by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland. The outdoor exhibition, ‘Lost/Regained,’ showcases images of these treasures, now back in Polish museum collections.

    ‘Lost/Regained’ until April 1, 2024

    Running until April 1, 2024, at Łazienki Królewskie in Warsaw, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the history of each piece, such as Teodor Axentowicz’s ‘Lady in Peacock Feathers’ and Lucas Cranach the Elder’s ‘Lamentation of Christ.’ Noteworthy is the tale of a lost and found wall sconce with a Medusa design, once part of Łazienki Królewskie’s Palace on the Isle.

    Highlighting the impact of wartime actions and deliberate looting, the exhibition emphasizes the loss of over half a million cultural artifacts in occupied Poland. While many objects’ fates remain unknown, the Ministry’s restitution efforts have successfully brought back over 700 artworks to Polish museums.

    The exhibition not only displays images of recovered artworks but also narrates their fascinating histories. Learn about masterpieces lost during WWII and returned through the Ministry’s restitution initiatives. One display recounts the tragic loss of over half a million cultural treasures due to wartime actions and systematic looting. The ongoing efforts of the Ministry aim to address these historical injustices.

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