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    Lublin’s first hydrogen-powered bus made by Poles

    The first hydrogen-powered bus made in Poland is being tested in Lublin. What’s more, the Arthur Bus company announces the launch of a hydrogen-powered bus factory in Lublin.

    The bus is quiet, emits no exhaust fumes and was developed with the cooperation of engineers from the Lublin University of Technology. The hydrogen bus is being tested on the streets of Lublin by the Municipal Transport Company. It is 12 meters long, consumes a maximum of 6 kg of fuel per 100 km and emits no harmful substances. It can accommodate 78 passengers, including 32 in seats.

    The vehicle was manufactured at the Lublin plant on Frezer Street by Arthur Bus. Scientists from the Lublin University of Technology took part in its development. “With our buses, we want to give cities the opportunity for emission-free and quiet transportation, while actively developing sustainable mobility,” CEO and co-founder Philipp Glonner said, quoted in the release.

    The vehicle has already been tested in Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Zywiec, Wisla, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała, Sosnowiec and Cieszyn, among others.

    “ARTHUR BUS offers state-of-the-art emission-free buses for a greener, cleaner, and sustainable future. We at ARTHUR are developing our products to accelerate the global transition to a zero-emission future. Especially in the public transportation sector, there is still a need for competitive solutions. The range of services and products offered to public transport operators and companies must be significantly improved in this regard. At the same time, they should not have to expect less efficiency, comfort or performance from zero-emission products,”

    we can read on the company’s website. (

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