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    Lumberjack Championships in Poland: A Celebration of Precision and Skill

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    The 17th Regional Lumberjack Championships recently took place in Brzozów, Poland, showcasing the remarkable talents of over twenty lumberjacks who work daily in the Forest Service within the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Krosno. This year’s event was held within the Brzozów Forest District and featured five challenging competitions.

    The highlight of the championships was tree felling, held in the Wola Krecowska forest district. Other competitions, including log debarking, chainsaw preparation, complex log cross-cutting, and precision cross-cutting, took place at the Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok, open to the public for a firsthand look at the lumberjacks’ dexterity and precision.

    The championships, organized as workshops for lumberjacks, aim to enhance professional skills, promote safe working methods, and emphasize ergonomic practices. Safety and precision are paramount in each competition, with judges rigorously assessing participants.

    Tomasz Bilski emerged as the champion of this year’s Regional Lumberjack Championships, followed by Stanisław Olejko in second place and Adam Turek in third. The winners excelled in various categories, including tree felling, log debarking, and chainsaw preparation

    Lumberjacks, despite their everyday work in wood harvesting, face intense challenges during competitions. Their exceptional precision and knowledge of wood properties play a vital role in timber extraction. The event aims to celebrate and preserve this traditional craft, which often goes underappreciated.

    Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, all participants received valuable prizes and certificates. The championships serve as a testament to the resilience and skill of lumberjacks, reminding us of the importance of their labor in bringing wood into our homes for various purposes.

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