Macabre accident on A14 motorway in Germany. Porsche driver was decapitated [SENSITIVE CONTENT]

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There was an accident on the A14 motorway in Germany at night from Thursday to Friday that resulted in the driver of a sports Porsche being decapitated. Polish drivers were involved in an attempt to stop the damaged vehicle.

The accident occurred at around 12.45 am on Friday on the A14 motorway between Halle and Leipzig in central Germany. According to police, as quoted by, at the Halle-Peissen junction the driver of a Porsche Carrera Cabriolet lost control of the vehicle and skidded. The car then hit the central barrier, bounced off it and trundled along the road.

The Porsche driver was decapitated

The driver of the Porsche died at the scene of the accident. According to two videos posted online by Polish lorry drivers who witnessed the accident, the man was decapitated. In one of the videos, the damaged vehicle can be seen moving slowly along the motorway. Both drivers try to stop it safely. In contrast, the second video, which Twitter has blocked several times, shows a corpse with the head torn off lying in the wreckage. Uncensored words are spoken in the footage.

German police estimated the material losses of the incident at around €100,000. Officers are currently determining the exact circumstances of the accident. After the tragedy, the A14 had to be closed in both directions, causing a traffic jam.

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