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    Maintaining Balance During post-Christmas Feasts for Health

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    As the festive season unfolds, indulging in Christmas delicacies is a joy, yet experts caution the importance of moderation to safeguard our health.

    “Overindulging during the holidays can have painful consequences, and in severe cases, may lead to hospitalization,” warns internist Aleksandra Szymańska from Municipal Hospital No. 4 in Gliwice.

    Overeating can manifest in abdominal pain, a sense of heaviness, nausea, heartburn, a burning sensation, and even vomiting.

    “The festive dishes are heavy to digest. Additionally, the fact that during Christmas Eve and holidays, most of the time is spent sitting and consuming relatively large portions, doesn’t aid digestion. Stress, prevalent amid pre-holiday obligations, also negatively impacts the motility of the digestive tract,” notes dietitian Aleksandra Mazur from Zawiercie County Hospital.

    It’s advisable to exercise moderation during Christmas Eve dinner, opting for smaller portions or choosing easily digestible alternatives.

    “For instance, we can replace traditional mayonnaise with light mayonnaise, which contains less fat. For a vegetable salad, we can add natural yogurt. If we want to serve fish on the Christmas table, we can bake it in the oven without breading and frying,” recommends the dietitian.

    Eating too hastily is also discouraged, as it leads to inattentive chewing and may cause us to miss the moment when we’re already satiated.

    “Combining larger alcohol portions with fatty foods can be very detrimental to our bodies. Undesirable consequences may include acute pancreatitis, requiring hospital treatment,” cautions Dr. Szymańska.

    Planning ahead for the holidays can involve deciding on the dishes, quantities, and necessary ingredients. This not only aids in planning healthy meals but also prevents excessive cooking and food waste.

    “If we have a list before the holidays, we’ll buy only what we need. If there’s difficulty in determining the required quantities, recipes offer various proportions to calculate the needed amounts,” emphasizes dietitian Aleksandra Mazur.

    For post-holiday leftovers, freezing cakes, stews, and dumplings is a viable option. Moreover, initiatives on social media groups exist where individuals can share food or contribute to food collections for families in need.

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