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    Maja Klajda Crowned Miss Polonia 2024

    In an event at Hala ATM on June 28th, 21-year-old Maja Klajda, a psychology student from the University of Warsaw, was crowned Miss Polonia 2024. Klajda received the coveted amber crown from last year’s winner, Ewa Jakubiec, in a celebration of beauty and talent broadcast live on TVP2. 

    Distinguished Jury Crowns Maja Klajda as Miss Polonia 2024

    The esteemed jury, including Miss World Karolina Bielawska and Miss Earth Drita Ziri, evaluated the contestants on beauty, personality, and social engagement. Agata Kwiecień was named I Vice Miss, and Emily Reng from Chicago took the title of II Vice Miss. Julia Zawistowska was honoured as Miss Beautiful with a Message for her work supporting children with cerebral palsy, and Natalia Bilik was voted Miss Audience.

    Maja Klajda, who also received several prizes including 50,000 PLN, a dream vacation voucher, and an MBA scholarship, expressed her readiness to embrace her new role. “I decided to bet on myself and take advantage of the opportunities that fate has given me. I am ready to fulfil this role!” said Klajda, highlighting the qualities she believes Miss Polonia should embody: naturalness, inspiration, sensitivity, education, charm, and grace.

    Miss Polonia: Celebrating a Legacy of Beauty and Empowerment

    The Miss Polonia contest, which began in 1929, has a rich history of launching successful careers, including those of Aneta Kręglicka and Karolina Bielawska. The 2024 finale celebrated not only external beauty but also the courage, ambition, and warmth embodied by Maja Klajda. As the newly crowned Miss Polonia, Klajda is set to inspire others and embrace new challenges with enthusiasm.

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