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    Major Drug Trafficking Ring Busted in Poland

    The Central Bureau of Police Investigation (CBŚP) in collaboration with the National Prosecutor’s Office successfully dismantled a major drug trafficking operation spanning from Spain to Poland. Months of meticulous work led to the identification of roles and responsibilities within the criminal group, the drug routes, and ultimately the apprehension of three drug shipments from Spain to Poland. Among the nine individuals detained, investigators suspect the involvement of drug couriers, dealers, and individuals responsible for coordinating the logistics of this criminal enterprise. The operations resulted in the seizure of 69 kg of marijuana, 6.4 liters of amphetamine, cocaine, and mephedrone, along with over 3.8 million złoty in cash, two firearms, and nearly 100 rounds of ammunition.

    For over a year, police officers from the Olsztyn branch of the Central Bureau of Police Investigation, under the supervision of the Białystok Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office, have been conducting an investigation into an international organized crime group. The group’s activities involved smuggling and distributing narcotics, primarily marijuana, amphetamine, cocaine, and mephedrone. The criminal network operated mainly in Spain and Poland, with its domestic activities spanning the provinces of Warmian-Masurian, Pomeranian, Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Greater Poland, and Masovian.

    Investigators determined that the group specialized in smuggling large quantities of marijuana from Spain to Poland. According to police reports, the drugs were concealed within cargo trucks of legitimate transportation companies. In early 2023, police in Lower Silesia intercepted over 60 kg of marijuana hidden inside originally packaged laundry detergent capsules. This operation led to the arrest of two men. In February, acting on information provided by the CBŚP, police in Kwidzyn stopped a Hyundai on the A1 motorway, discovering 6.4 liters of amphetamine, as well as cocaine and mephedrone. Thanks to another tip from the CBŚP, two individuals were arrested in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in June, with over 9 kg of marijuana seized from an Audi. The police operation also resulted in the confiscation of amphetamine, two bulletproof vests, two firearms, and 98 rounds of ammunition.

    The most significant blow to the international gang occurred in late October when the CBŚP arrested four individuals, bringing a fifth from investigative custody. The operations spanned across the provinces of Pomeranian, Warmian-Masurian, and Masovian. The CBŚP officers from Olsztyn, Warsaw, and Łódź, along with police from the Capital City Police Headquarters and the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk and Olsztyn, participated in the raid. During searches, police uncovered and secured the equivalent of over 3.8 million złoty in various currencies, mobile phones, computers, digital data storage devices, radio frequency jammers, GSM equipment, and scanners.

    The suspects arrested by the Białystok Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office face charges related to participation in an organized criminal group and drug offenses. In total, nine individuals are implicated in the investigation, facing 36 charges, and law enforcement has seized 69 kg of marijuana, 6.4 liters of amphetamine, cocaine, mephedrone, over 3.8 million złoty in cash, two short firearms, and close to 100 rounds of ammunition. The successful collaboration between the CBŚP and the National Prosecutor’s Office highlights the commitment to combatting international drug trafficking and organized crime.

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