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    Majority of Poles Doubt Tusk’s Suitability for Prime Minister

    A recent opinion poll conducted by IBRiS for the newspaper Rzeczpospolita has unveiled that more than 40 percent of Polish citizens regard Donald Tusk, the opposition candidate for prime minister as a bad choice. The survey, carried out on December 1-2, 2023, with a nationwide representative sample of 1067 participants, sheds light on public perceptions just ahead of a critical parliamentary vote.

    According to the findings, 31.2 percent of respondents believe that Donald Tusk would make a suitable choice for the position of prime minister. However, a vast majority, constituting 41.8 percent, holds an opposing view.

    The prospect of Tusk assuming the role of prime minister hinges on the fate of the current government led by Mateusz Morawiecki, as it faces a parliamentary vote of confidence on Monday. If the government fails to secure the vote, Tusk could ascend to the position as early as next week.

    Breaking down the responses further, 10.1 percent of participants expressed the belief that Tusk would be a ‘great’ prime minister, while 21.1 percent anticipate him being a ‘good’ one. On the contrary, 30.4 percent of those surveyed harbor concerns, expecting Tusk to perform poorly in the role, with 11.4 percent categorizing him as a ‘terrible’ choice.

    The negative expectations outweigh the positive ones, as reported by Rzeczpospolita, exceeding the electoral support garnered by the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party in the recent elections.

    Moreover, 22.1 percent of respondents hold the view that Tusk would be an ‘average’ prime minister, while 4.9 percent abstained from expressing any opinion on the matter.

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