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    Majority of Poles Oppose Adoption of Euro, Including Supporters of Ruling Coalition

    The prospect of introducing the euro in Poland appears to be a song of the future, yet with the current ruling team, not so distant. Consequently, Poles were asked about their opinions on such a solution. However, the majority of them are against it. Surprisingly, even the supporters of the ruling coalition are skeptical about adopting the common European currency.

    According to the latest survey by United Surveys commissioned by the Wirtualna Polska portal, Poles were asked: “Do you think the government should strive to introduce the euro in Poland instead of the Polish złoty?”. However, it turns out that currently this idea has significantly more opponents than supporters.

    Poles Don’t Want Euro

    As much as 66.8% of respondents are against changing the currency, with 49.9% of them indicating “definitely not.” “Rather not” was marked by 17.4% of respondents.

    Only 27.3% of the participants in the survey supported the adoption of the euro in Poland, with 14.3% “definitely” and 13% “rather yes”.

    Not Only Right-Wing Voters But Also…

    To the surprise of the ruling parties, the survey shows that significant groups opposing the euro in Poland are found among the supporters of opposition parties, namely Law and Justice and the Confederation, as well as among the formations comprising the government, namely the Civic Coalition, the Third Way, and the Left.

    As reported by, “only 37% of respondents who support the government are in favor of replacing the złoty with the euro. This includes 17% who strongly agree and 20% who rather agree.”

    The survey results are clear – 52% of supporters of the current ruling coalition are against replacing the Polish złoty with the common European currency, with 35% of respondents choosing “definitely not” and 12% – “rather not”.

    An even stronger contrast in responses is seen among the supporters of PiS and the Confederation. Only 1% of them responded “definitely yes”.

    “An astonishing 95% of opposition supporters are against replacing the złoty with the euro. This includes 17% of opposition voters who rather disagree and 78% of them who definitely disagree. Only 1% of opposition supporters have no opinion on the matter”
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