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    Man Threatens False Bomb Alarm on Smolensk Monument in Warsaw

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    A man, on a pre-election Saturday, climbed the Smolensk Monument in Warsaw’s Piłsudski Square, threatening to detonate an explosive device. The masked individual, after hours of tension, was successfully apprehended following negotiations.

    On a Saturday morning, a masked man ascended the Smolensk Monument, claiming to possess an explosive device and threatening to detonate it. Law enforcement, including counter-terrorism units and police negotiators, responded promptly, employing a specialized vehicle called “Tur.”

    After several hours of negotiation, the man descended from the monument and was immediately detained. Subsequent inspection revealed no explosive materials or dangerous objects in his possession. During the negotiations, the man appeared chaotic and did not articulate specific demands, requesting only the presence of journalists with microphones featuring their station logos.

    The man, identified as Krzysztof B., could not provide a coherent explanation for his actions during questioning, admitting that he had harbored this intent for several years. While he has been released, he is now under police surveillance and faces a potential 8-year prison sentence.

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