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    Marcin Glod returns to Poland

    The Polish-born Viennese artist Marcin Glod returns to Poland to present his work, speak out against the current political situation and express respect for the attitude of Polish society, which gave great support to Ukraine during the ongoing war on the eastern border.

    Marcin Glod was born in 1994 in Krakow, Poland. He is an artist of the new modern and versatile designer and creative director. Currently, he lives and works in Vienna.

    For more than 10 years Glod has been working for international and smaller national brands, helping them to create the visual image of a company and all related media, print and web.

    Currently, his focus is on modern art, exhibitions and marketing of his personality as well as international growth.

    “An artist of the new modern culture”, as GLOD describes himself, over the years he has developed his own dynamic sound, drawing inspiration from graphics, typography, Pop Art, Street Art and graffiti. A graduate of the Viennese Graphische, he began his career as student, designing album covers and graphics for the Mozart Museum. Successful projects have resulted in cooperation with international brands such as Red Bull, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, On Lemon, UberX or Raiffaisen and finally opening his own creative boutique. At the same time, he experimented with art, looking for his own path.

    Last weekend, on November 19-20, Marcin GLOD prepared an extraordinary exhibition in the Praga Square in Warsaw. The next ‘SoloSHOW’ exhibition is planned on November 25-27 in Krakow.

    “I’ve been very impressed by the help that Poles give to Ukrainians during the war. This attitude prompted me to create two new works that will have their premiere during the exhibition in Poland. It will be my personal commentary on the recent events that shook the entire civilized world. I think it’s important to show how strongly Poles support Ukraine in its fight for independence and peace.”

    said Marcin Glod.

    Among his idols, Marcin Glod counts artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Banksy. He claims that Warhol revolutionized the world of art and artistic production and turned the concept of the uniqueness of the object in art on its head through reproductions of his own works. Glod is fascinated by the impulsiveness of Basquiat’s work. Thanks to it, he does not spend eternity thinking about every brushstroke. When it comes to Banksy, Glod appreciates him because of the topics he deals with, creating on the street, not behind the doors of museums. It hits the nerve and problems of our time. He always creates work that makes headlines.

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