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    Marine Wind Farms – A New Direction for Polish Energy Sector

    The construction of offshore wind farms is underway in the West Pomerania region of Poland. The Szczecin-Świnoujście port is becoming Poland’s first installation terminal, facilitating the transport and assembly of cutting-edge wind turbines. In the near future, Szczecin is set to become a key center for producing essential components for offshore wind energy in Poland, impacting the job market and regional employment.

    A Focus on Energy Security:

    The Baltic Congress on Critical Infrastructure Security and Wind Farms, held in Szczecin in early October, provided a platform for an extensive discussion on the country’s energy security, particularly the prospects for offshore wind farm development in the Baltic Sea, and the management and protection of critical marine infrastructure.

    Unlocking Wind Energy Potential:

    During the panel on the potential and development of offshore wind energy, representatives from ORLEN Neptun, Vestas Wind Systems, and the Maritime Office in Szczecin discussed the immense potential of offshore wind energy in Poland. They emphasized the importance of adapted legislation, marine spatial planning, infrastructure development, and security for these installations.

    Key Milestones:

    Karol Lewandowski, an expert at ORLEN Neptun, highlighted that the installation terminal in Świnoujście will serve the Baltic Power project, set to be completed between 2024 and 2025. Wind turbines, constructed by ORLEN, are expected to provide power to over 1.5 million households by 2026. Five additional installations, for which the company already holds licenses, are planned for around 2030.

    Economic Opportunities:

    Jagna Kubańska-Łyczakowska, Director of Public Affairs at Vestas Wind Systems, emphasized that marine energy isn’t just beneficial for West Pomerania but for the entire country. These investments are expected to create numerous job opportunities, injecting significant capital into the economy.

    Safety Concerns:

    In light of the increased importance of offshore wind farms, Artur Bilski, President of think tank Nobilis Media, stressed the need for evaluating hybrid, terrorist, and military threats in the Baltic Sea region and raising awareness regarding security. This extends to safeguarding critical marine infrastructure like the wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

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