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    Market Sees Surge in Polish Strawberries

    The influx of Polish strawberries at the Bronisze wholesale market is rising, though not yet enough to stabilize prices, according to market expert Maciej Kmera. On Warsaw’s bazaars, prices range between 12-15 PLN per kilogram and are declining. Kmera noted that the price depends on current supply and packaging methods. At the Bronisze market, prices now range from 10 to 16 PLN per kilogram, down from 20-30 PLN just days ago. Comparing prices to last year is difficult due to this year’s vegetation being 2-3 weeks ahead.

    Weather Impacts Supply

    Last year, prices started falling only after May 20. Kmera pointed out that there would be more strawberries if not for recent frosty nights. While low temperatures didn’t directly affect fruit growth, they delayed ripening and coloring, causing irregular market supplies.

    The strawberries available are of good quality due to favorable dry weather, making them durable. Kmera mentioned that the worst conditions for these fruits are warm and humid weather. Some plantations were covered with foil or fabric, while others, left exposed, suffered most from frost. Different plantations bear fruit at different times, leading to three anticipated “waves” of strawberries this year, heavily weather-dependent.

    Future Outlook

    Janusz Andziak, President of the Strawberry Growers Association, predicts the main harvest from covered plantations will occur in about two weeks, around late May or early June. He noted a shift in the market, with more strawberries being produced for fresh consumption rather than processing, yielding higher profits for growers. Currently, the processing industry is not discussing fruit procurement.

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