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    Masterpieces by Wyspiański, Malczewski, and Beksiński at Agra-Art Auction

    On Sunday, June 16, 2024, Agra-Art will host a double-header auction event featuring both Old Masters and Contemporary Art. Highlighting the Old Masters Auction are three pastels by Stanisław Wyspiański and an oil sketch for Władysław Podkowiński’s famous painting, “Frenzy.” The sketch is expected to draw significant interest, starting at 300,000 PLN, following a record-breaking sale of another “Frenzy” study for over 2 million PLN in 2021.

    Among the auction’s most notable pieces is Wyspiański’s “Roses,” described as a premier example of old Polish art. With a starting bid of 1,800,000 PLN, “Roses” is celebrated for its outstanding provenance and rarity, making it a highly coveted item for collectors. The Old Masters catalogue also includes works by esteemed artists such as Jan Stanisławski, Olga Boznańska, and Jacek Malczewski, including pieces from the renowned Zygmunt Ziembicki collection.

    The Contemporary Art Auction will feature two significant works by Zdzisław Beksiński, including “Untitled” from 1972 and “ZY” from 1987, starting at 380,000 PLN and 300,000 PLN, respectively. Beksiński’s pieces have consistently garnered strong interest at Agra-Art auctions, particularly those from the legendary Japanese Collection sold between 2018 and 2023.

    Additionally, the Contemporary Art Auction will present works by leading figures in Polish contemporary art such as Henryk Stażewski, Jerzy Duda Gracz, and Józef Czapski. Jolanta Krasuska, Head of the Contemporary Art Department at Agra-Art, emphasizes the importance of these artists in forming a representative collection of Polish contemporary art.

    Konrad Szukalski of Agra-Art highlights the auction’s exceptional offerings, noting the inclusion of previously unrecorded works with excellent provenance and museum-level significance. This ensures a competitive auction atmosphere, with collectors eager to acquire these rare and highly valuable pieces.

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