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    Meet Spot, the Multi-Functional Robotic Dog at the Warsaw Copernicus Science Center

    Meet Spot, the robotic dog revolutionizing tasks from healthcare to space exploration, now residing at Warsaw’s Copernicus Science Center. Interact and control Spot yourself!

    At the Warsaw Copernicus Science Center, a groundbreaking addition has arrived – Spot, the robotic dog from Boston Dynamics. Weighing 32 kilograms, Spot is far more than a mere toy; it’s a sophisticated device capable of serious tasks.

    Spot, adorned in yellow and black, showcases remarkable autonomy driven by artificial intelligence. From navigating obstacles to climbing stairs and even assuming a resting position, Spot’s lifelike movements captivate both children and adults alike.

    Initially envisioned for security patrols or spatial mapping, Spot found unexpected utility amid the pandemic. Collaborating with engineers from MIT and doctors in Boston, Spot revolutionized patient triage by conducting preliminary assessments for COVID-19.

    Beyond healthcare, Spot’s applications extend to extraterrestrial terrain exploration. At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Spot-like robots ventured into Mars-like caves, showcasing their autonomy and adaptability in challenging environments.

    Spot’s journey continued as a medical assistant, equipped with diagnostic tools to monitor vital signs. Patients embraced the robotic doctor, highlighting the potential for human-robot interaction in healthcare.

    Spot will reside at the Copernicus Science Center, inviting visitors to interact and control the robot in a specially designed enclosure.

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