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    Mega Airport Project Delays: PiS Deputy Raises Alarm on Tusk’s Actions

    In a recent interview on the program “#Michał Rachoń. Jedziemy,” PiS Deputy Piotr Mülller raised concerns regarding potential delays in the Central Communication Port (CPK) project, attributing them to Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s actions.

    Mülller’s remarks follow Tusk’s recent endorsement of CPK during a visit to Morąg, where he stressed the importance of careful planning. This stance diverges significantly from past narratives surrounding the project, as outlined by Maciej Lasek, the government’s CPK plenipotentiary. Mülller’s response reflects a cautious scepticism based on past experiences.

    Identifying administrative decisions, particularly those concerning the voivode, as possible sources of delay, Mülller warned of procedural obstacles potentially prolonging construction activities beyond critical deadlines. He specifically highlighted concerns regarding the bird breeding protection period, which could pose significant setbacks if not managed efficiently.

    Moreover, Mülller criticized Tusk’s comparison between CPK construction and highway projects under his tenure, citing past instances of subcontractor failures. Mülller underscored the government’s dedication to comprehensive development and voiced apprehension over proposed plans to eliminate the Strategic Investment Program, which plays a vital role in supporting smaller municipalities and counties.

    Mülller’s comments shed light on the ongoing discourse surrounding CPK’s progress and raise questions about the efficacy of governmental strategies in executing infrastructure projects. As stakeholders eagerly anticipate further developments, the trajectory of Poland’s transportation landscape remains subject to debate and scrutiny.

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