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    MEP Tarczyński Highlights Migrant Crisis on Italian Island Amid Migrants in Lampedusa Camp

    Dominik Tarczyński, a Member of the European Parliament representing Poland’s Law and Justice Party, has recently visited the migrant camp on the Italian island of Lampedusa, shedding light on the ongoing migration crisis in the region. In a series of videos posted on social media, Tarczyński expressed deep concerns about the situation, emphasizing that Poland would not tolerate a similar humanitarian crisis on its soil.

    Lampedusa, a small Italian island located in the Mediterranean, has been grappling with an influx of illegal migrants for several days. Tarczyński’s latest video, shared on the X (prev. Twitter – ed.) platform, depicted the dire conditions on the island after the arrival of thousands of foreign nationals. “People are terrified; they have to barricade themselves in their homes,” the politician reported.

    In his most recent video, Tarczyński provided an inside look into the migrant center he visited on Saturday evening. Accompanied by at least two security officers, the Polish MEP revealed the crowded conditions within the guarded facility. “Thousands of people are coming and going constantly. This is a very serious problem. Those who advocate for a quota system and the reception of illegal migrants want to bring about a humanitarian crisis in Poland,” Tarczyński stated emphatically. He assured that the Law and Justice Party would not permit such scenes to occur in Poland.

    Tarczyński also criticized the immigration policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, stating that nothing had changed since 2015 when she encouraged people to come to Europe. He added that figures like Donald Tusk had consistently advocated for European solidarity, effectively endorsing similar situations in Poland. Tarczyński attributed the crisis on Lampedusa to what he called the “reckless policies of the European Union.”

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