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    MEP Zalewska Sounds Alarm: Green Deal in the Hands of Europeans as Election Looms

    MEP Anna Zalewska recently voiced concerns about the Green Deal’s future, warning that Europeans might soon influence its fate. She criticized what she called “absurd and lobbyist-driven regulations” in the Green Deal and stressed that the upcoming European Parliament elections will determine its impact.

    Protests by farmers against the Green Deal and the surge in Ukrainian agricultural imports continue across Europe. Zalewska accused Eurocrats, including Prime Minister Donald Tusk, of dismissing protesters’ worries as elections approach.

    A key issue is fallow land requirements. While the Civic Platform leader claimed the matter was resolved during a meeting with Krakow residents, Zalewska argued that dangerous regulations for farmers remain uncertain.

    Zalewska highlighted on TV Republika that the soft wording in the draft regulation, noting the vote’s timing in late April and the MEPs’ work ending around the same time, making the document’s adoption unclear.

    She expressed hope that conservative groups could alter the European Parliament’s composition post-elections, potentially reversing regulations she deems harmful to environmental protection.

    Without a change in the Parliament’s majority, Zalewska believes the Green Deal provisions will remain unchanged, burdening Europeans even more. The European Parliament elections are set for June 6th to 9th, 2024.

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