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    Military Training Commences for Employees of PGG S.A. Mines

    In a collaborative effort between the 13th Silesian Territorial Defense Brigade and the Polish Mining Group (PGG) S.A., the first group of PGG employees has embarked on basic military training. The agreement, signed in early April between the brigade commander and representatives of PGG S.A. Management Board, has paved the way for this voluntary training program. The initiative aims to equip PGG employees with essential military skills under the guidance of experienced instructors from the 13th Silesian Territorial Defense Brigade.

    The training caters to a diverse group of participants, primarily comprising miners and PGG S.A. personnel. These individuals already serve as soldiers in the territorial military service of the Polish Armed Forces. The group also includes employees involved in management, supervision of underground mining facilities, and specialized roles such as shot-firing miners, locomotive engineers, hoist operators, and mining rescuers. Spanning three days, the training covers both theoretical and practical aspects, including weapon handling, battlefield medicine, and topography.

    Arkadiusz Majtler, a mining rescuer at the ROW Chwałowice mine with 27 years of experience, stresses the value of the military exercises for his work. Having participated in challenging rescue operations at mines like Zofiówka and Pniówek, Majtler recognizes the applicability of the skills gained during the training. In an interview with PGG Magazine, he states, “The knowledge acquired here can also be useful in private life.” During one exercise, Majtler assumed the role of a simulated injured person, allowing his colleagues to practice essential first-aid techniques like stopping bleeding.

    While military personnel is familiar with the training content, employees like Marcin, the chief specialist at the repair and production plant, find value in reinforcing their knowledge and gaining practical experience. Marcin, who has been serving in the military for five years, believes that a basic understanding of military fundamentals is important for everyone, particularly given conflicts abroad. Darek, an electrician at the mine and a soldier, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that everyone should have the ability to handle weapons and possess some knowledge of military basics to foster peace through preparedness.

    Bartek, an underground miner, expresses his belief that such training should extend beyond PGG S.A. and be organized for employees across different companies. He believes that a basic understanding of defense principles in the event of an armed conflict is crucial. Bartek, along with his colleagues, effortlessly juggles his underground work with his military service, thanks to the unwavering support of his family.

    Highlighting the commendable character of miners, the training supervisor from the 13th Silesian Territorial Defense Brigade praises their seamless integration within their ranks. This collaboration between the brigade and PGG S.A. is facilitated by the training company PGG S.A. Synerkom, with coordination from PGG S.A.’s HR Support Department Training Section employee, Daniel Thiel. The training sessions will be held regularly, with the next one scheduled for June.

    Notably, this training is voluntary and not associated with wartime mobilization. Andrzej Sączek, the director of the HR Support Department, encourages all PGG employees interested in enhancing their defense readiness to participate. Sączek emphasizes the engaging nature of the classes, providing participants with extensive knowledge in weapon handling, map reading, compass navigation, terrain orientation, and first aid. As an enthusiastic supporter of the initiative, Sączek, who formerly served as a scout, eagerly anticipates the next session and invites others to join, ensuring that every interested employee has the opportunity to take part in this valuable training program.

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