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    Million-Dollar Fraud Uncovered in Radom Sports Center Construction

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    In a significant development, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin has forwarded an indictment to the Radom District Court regarding a multi-million-dollar fraud case linked to the construction of the Radom Sports Center. Three individuals, including the president of Radom-based company Rosa-Bud, have been charged. The accusations involve fraudulent activities in the construction project, which won a tender in 2016 for building a sports hall and stadium in Radom.

    Accused Individuals and Charges

    The accused individuals, 64-year-old president of Rosa-Bud, Roman S., 38-year-old contract engineer Magdalena U., and project coordinator Jacek S., face charges of fraudulent mismanagement and falsification of documents. The alleged scheme involved inflating progress reports and billing the client, the Radom Municipal Sports and Recreation Center, for work not performed, resulting in a loss of over 6 million PLN.

    During the construction, discrepancies emerged as the accused, Roman S. and Magdalena U., manipulated progress reports, leading to overbilling. Additionally, Jacek S. is suspected of falsifying documents. The fraudulent activities came to light when the discrepancies in the project’s financial records were scrutinized.

    If found guilty, the accused individuals could face up to 10 years in prison. The Radom Sports Center project faced financial difficulties and delays due to the fraudulent practices. Ultimately, the contract was terminated in 2019, and a new contractor completed the construction. The sports hall was inaugurated at the end of 2021, followed by the stadium’s opening in July the following year.

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